On Our Way To Stop The Money Pipeline

"You want to be sad, honey, be sad." -Marge Simpson

Exchanging Favorite Composting Tips

Self-Portrait As A Woman In Love

Trying To Figure Out If I Feel Naked Or Nude

Lost in Selfie #themythofNarcissusandothercautionarytaleswefailtoremember

On My Way To Hug A Tree

Wild Flowers Feeling Very Content About The Peaceful Protests Happening Around The World. #DumpTrump

Marge Simpson After Hearing The Results Of The 2016 Election

21st Century Pierrot 

Joan of Arc Contemplating Her Sexuality

Portrait Of Aphrodite (Portrait sessions on Olympus)

Food And Land Sovereignty

Desperate Measures #MotherNatureSellingherbodytofeedherchildren

Hang In There, Baby

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